My inspiration

Being from Canada, I grew up with the earthy smells of pine, cedar, and oak. I loooooove the smell of wood which reminds me of autumn at home. So when the opportunity came up to learn how to use a laser cutting and engraving machine at the makerspace that I have access to, I took it immediately!

At first I was just engraving and cutting random things from templates I found online like the ones at Maker Design Lab. Then I saw an opportunity to make earring backings out of wood to make my earrings stand out in a professional manner. I really enjoy the process of learning through trial and error in creating the vector files for laser cutting and engraving!

My work

Other than earring backings, I have also made signage, tags, and business cards out of wood for my LeaLingo brand, as well as wooden "postcards" for my friends and family.

For a friend's house party, she was going to have different drinks stations so I offered to make wooden signage that she could reuse for future parties. Great for sustainability!

My latest project was to create a 3x3 tic tac toe board for these crochet eggs that I made. I laser cut and engraved a few pieces of wood then stacked them with a piece of laser cut acrylic at the top. I feel like this design can still be improved upon, but in the meantime I continue to experiment with different ways to use wood in various other projects!