My inspiration

I learned how to make knots in elementary school from a book on how to make friendship bracelets. I enjoyed making complex patterns beyond the usual stripes and herringbone arrows such as using colour changes to spell out my friends' names. I always wondered how the pattern might unfold if I made different types of knots on threads of various thickness. I had forgotten about this until I randomly came across macramé during the Covid-19 lockdown.

My work

Initially I tried to experiment with 3mm and 6mm macramé rope on my own, learning knots from YouTube videos, but I soon found out that there needed to be a lot of planning in creating the final product because the length of my ropes were almost always too short for the types and number of knots I was making. I found this Let Be YouTube channel to be very educational and made a few pieces following their suggested rope length. While I enjoy making macramé wall hangings though, I quickly ran out of space to put them!

So with a bunch of leftover rope and no intention to make any more wall hangings (at least until I gift or sell them), I decided to use the thick rope to make earrings. I continue to experiment with different colours and designs, so stay tuned for new styles in the future!