My inspiration

I've always had an inclination towards crafty and creative things. When I was in elementary school, I learned how to make origami with the instructions that came with origami papers, and had a side hustle selling origami roses to my classmates for 50 cents.

Fast forward to 2006, I had randomly walked into a craft store and was mesmerized by the store owner making a crochet teru teru bōzu. Seeing that it seemed to have taken her no time at all to finish it, I ended up buying my first (and last) crochet pattern kit to make a Miffy. Since then, I've been hooked!

My work

I enjoy creating my own crochet patterns and have taught myself different stitches and techniques in order to make and re-make an amigurumi to my satisfaction.

I started making a lot of video game and cartoon characters. I've had the pleasure to make a number of custom order items that I would have never thought to make such as Makka Pakka (funny story: the buyer ordered it from the UK to be sent to their nephew in Canada who happens to be my friend's son!).

I also enjoy using crochet to make home decor items combining with other mediums, for example amigurumi cacti in terracotta pots, as well as accessories like earrings, keychains, baby booties, and headbands.

Check out my shop, or let me know if you're looking to collaborate!